Click and drag the image below to the right or left Predicted less than 3.5 meter CE90 without ground control.Our best-in-class accuracy provides confidence that roads are in the right places, rivers won’t surprise you, and buildings can be pinpointed. Altitude: 620 km nominal. An exacting orbital altitude ensures that we can collect from a wide range of areas in a single pass. Control moment gyros. Time to slew 200km: 12 seconds. Our sensors have incredible agility allowing for maximum versatility when collecting multiple AOIs, stereo data, and more. Data downlink rate: 1200 mb/s. A faster downlink rate means we can get data in our customers" hands as fast as possible. 31 cm panchromatic. 1.24 m multispectral. 3.7 m short-wave infrared (SWIR). 30 m CAVIS. See the world even more clearly and in new ways by leveraging the highest resolution commercial satellite ever built, enabled with leading-edge spectral capabilities. 1,200,000 km²/day. 5.7 Tpixels/day. With a massive daily collection capacity, WorldView-3 allows you to see even more of the world, faster.